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About Us

Now, you might be wondering who we are and how we came to be a team. We met while working together in morning radio and decided to explore the world of podcasts. 

Steve is a twenty-year radio vet. From sports casting to 90's country, he's done it all. When he's not recording, Steve loves spending time with his wife, Jana, and his three kids, Tyler, Amber, and Brett. 

Bethany is a twenty-something millennial. She's passionate about loving people and sharing stories through podcasting. When she's not behind a mic, Bethany enjoys hanging out with her husband, Cody and their mini dachshund. Gus. 

Our goal through the Hopecast is all of us to find practical and fun ways to live out our faith in an increasingly crazy world. From the serious to the silly, we try to find the hope in every situation.